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Welcome to A.A.

Santa Fe AA welcomes you! We are glad that you are here and glad that you found us.

Believe it or not, we know exactly how you feel. We have all been there.

Below you will find some materials to assist with your decisions about whether you are an alcoholic; should attend A.A.; and might seek help with learning to live sober.

Our group members are committed to helping other Alcoholics achieve sobriety.

What that means to us is that is that those of us who are group members generally always have sponsors, are actively sponsoring others, and have worked all twelve steps of the alcoholics anonymous program. Many of our members are active in service within our fellowship and are willing to share their experience, strength, and hope – if requested.

Typically, if we were meeting you in person, we’d make sure that you have copies of some AA literature, or even a copy of the AA “Big Book”. While we are seperated, we can give you a link to where you can find a copy of the book for free.

Here are some Links to AA information:

Do You Think You are Different? (pdf)

Is A.A. for You? (pdf)

This is A.A. (pdf)

Frequently Asked Questions About A.A. (pdf)

Problems Other than Alcohol (pdf)

Alcoholics Anonymous (the AA “Big Book”) (pdf)

Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions (pdf)

Another great resources is a monthly publication called the AA Grapevine. Some call it “a meeting in print” form. During the Pandemic, the grapevine is being made available for free. Visit

How we connect with AA

Even though we are 100% online, by our group’s decision (we call it a group conscience), Boozers in Bathrobes has aligned itself with District 2 of Area 46 of Alcoholics Anonymous (Santa Fe Area of New Mexico – USA).

The website for District 2 can be found at At that website, you will also find a list of other online meetings which are connected to District 2. We have about 70 meetings per week which is a lot for a small town.

Find a Meeting:

Who can I call?

  • Ask for numbers for members at your first meetings

  • Santa Fe 24 Hour AA Hotline – 505-982-8932

  • Online Intergroup 12th Step Committee – Request an international Helpline phone number for your country.

As we discovered the principles by which the individual alcoholic could live, so we had to evolve principles by which the A.A. groups and A.A. as a whole could survive and function effectively.

It was thought that no alcoholic man or woman could be excluded from our Society; that our leaders might serve but not govern; that each group was to be autonomous and there was to be no professional class of therapy. There were to be no fees or dues; our expenses were to be met by our own voluntary contributions. There was to be the least possible organization, even in our service centers. Our public relations were to be based upon attraction rather than promotion. It was decided that all members ought to be anonymous at the level of press, radio, TV and films. And in no circumstances should we give endorsements, make alliances, or enter public controversies.

Alcoholics Anonymous, Forward to the Second Edition