A message from Central Office

To: Alcoholics in and around Santa Fe, NM
From: Your AA Central Office
Re: 2023 and beyond

The Aspens are beginning to change, and our thoughts are turning to Farolitos and Biscochitos. As we will all be celebrating the Holidays before we know it, we thought this was an opportune time to bring you all up to date with what’s been happening here at Central Office.

Please remember Central Office this holiday season.

  • Our first full year at our new offices on the 2 nd floor of the Friendship Club has been productive. We have more than doubled the space we had while decreasing our rent by 50%.
  • Since the beginning of the First Quarter of 2023, Central Office has sold almost $3,000 in literature, chips and other meeting related materials. We provide these materials to groups at our cost, making no profit on this service.
  • We continue to answer phone calls from the those interested in hearing more about recovery,
    locating meetings, asking questions about available resources, etc. In addition, we have been
    able to bring our monthly phone bill to $0 by utilizing an internet phone system.
  • We continue to train folks with 6+ months sobriety to fill volunteer slots at the office with the hope that by the end of the year the office will be open daily.
  • Central Office of Santa Fe continues to fund three Zoom licenses, utilized by numerous groups in the area, to conduct on-line meetings.
  • Central office continues to work with the Rally for Recovery and other organizations to provide
    literature and meeting schedules for our area.
  • Our website santafeaa.org has been completely redesigned and is much easier to navigate –
    we’ve even added a widget that will calculate your groups 7th tradition distributions.

Now for the hard part:

As of September 2023 we had:
Revenues of $10,300 for the year
Expenses of $12,900 for the year
Year-to-Date Net Loss of $2,600

Cash Balances $2,400
Central Office Prudent Reserve $5,000
Deficit Under Prudent Reserve $2,600

Additionally, five groups contribute 63% of funds received this year. We currently have 68 groups meeting in our area, however only 1/3 of the groups support Central Office’s work.

As such, we need your help. Our Seventh tradition tells us that our groups need to be fully self-supporting and that’s where you come in.

Your contribution, in any amount, helps us continue the important work we do. There are numerous ways to contribute as we take cash, checks and credit cards. Additionally, if you’d like to set up a recurring donation or make a provision for us in your will, please contact us and we can provide further assistance.

Thank you!