AA GSO Survey on Participation of Online Groups

In 2023, the Conference Committee on Policy/Admissions put forward the following committee

“The committee reviewed the “Report of the GSB Ad Hoc Committee on Participation of Online
Groups in the U.S./Canada Service Structure” and expressed appreciation for the report,
particularly the results of the survey to delegates. The committee agreed that an important next
step would be for delegates to find out more about the online groups in their areas and requested
that the ad-hoc committee provide them with sample questions they may use in that inquiry. The
committee looks forward to the next iteration of the ad hoc committee and the continued exploration
of the possibilities for the participation of online groups in the U.S./Canada general service

If you are interested in having your voice heard regarding the participation of online groups in the service structure of AA, please consider the survey and the documentation included at the following link:


The Online Survey can be found at: