Are you a software/web developer person?

Our website uses an open-source WordPress Plugin for meeting listings that was created by Code For Recovery. Here is a flyer seeking contributors to the Code for Recovery Project.

We received an e-mail from Code for Recovery highlighting this issue:

At the most recent NAATW, I chaired a Birds of a Feather session on “The Bus Factor”, where we discussed the risks involved in having only one or a small number of people able to access, utilize, and/or maintain a system lest they “get hit by a bus”.

It was a very rich discussion, with one of the takeaways being that Code for Recovery is part of the solution to “The Bus Factor”, as our websites are no longer dependent on a single person’s custom code, and if a problem were to ever arise then we as a community would all be able to work together to solve the problem.

At the same time, we recognized that for Code for Recovery to provide robust protection from the Bus Factor, the organization needs more participation to have a broader group of contributors to its various projects and also to allow for the spirit of rotation (important in all levels and types of service, especially technology service!!!) to be implemented.

After the Birds of a Feather session ended, I was talking with a few people about how we really needed a good flyer for Code for Recovery that we could post on our various websites to get the word out about it. Mark (Atlanta Intergroup) suggested I try out Canva, which was a great suggestion as it made it very easy for a non-graphic design person like myself to create something that actually looks appealing. Josh R (Mountain View) suggested (I think jokingly) that I use MidJourney, an AI image generator. I ended up doing just that, as for the flyer I had a vision of Bill and Bob doing the Uncle Sam “I Want You” Poster and after an hour or so of fiddling I got the impressively good images included in the flyer.